King Basil's Quest for the Crown of Spudly Awesomeness is a 2D comedy/strategy game for the iPad.


A king with royal hunger pains rallies his army to quest for discounted fried-potato products.

The land of Pomme-Frite resounds with rumblings of discontent, born from the stomach of one very hungry monarch. King Basil Rumbledethumps, Lord of Cametot Keep, wants to get his 10,000th order of Tater Nuggets (affectionately “Nuggs”) and his promised Crown of Spudly Awesomeness™ from neomedieval fast food giant Tater King, but Cametot’s branch has mysteriously closed. With reluctant royal intern Lynet “Chip” Chipsworth in tow, Basil sets out to find an operating Tater King and get his Crown - to quest like no king has quested before.


You eat. You tap. You drag. You eat some more. You conquer.

Taking on the role of royal strategist, the player must organize and coordinate the bumbling troops of Basil’s army and lead them to victory in siege on the various Tater King franchises still dotting the world map of Pomme-Frite. Evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of each unit, the player guides the distinct and hilarious Cametot soldiers down battle lanes, through stage hazards and viciously goofy enemies, to conquer the opposing Tater King while also defending Cametot Keep. The player must survive and win three sieges per map, each more difficult and complex than the last, if he or she is truly worthy of the title General of Cametot, Master of Chaos, Redeemer of Discount Cards.


Summon legions of only mildly incompetent minions to battle the horde of funky demons boogie-ing down to your door.

The good guys consist of archers, knights, and shield guys while the bad guys include burrow ghouls, nuggetmancers, and discoskulls.

The Good Guys

Soaring Archer

His arm may be tired, but his shaft remains true! We just wish his aim was always so straight. The archer can fill your enemies with arrows, but when he tries to fire off his biggest shot, his arrow catches in his tights and flings him into a new lane. Low-flying dragons beware! "For Basil, I soar!"

Heroic Knight

Raised since birth alongside his beloved steed, both destined for glory, the valorous Knight rides into battle with a thirst for chivalry. Willing to go the extra distance for the cause, his horse becomes a deadly weapon as he punts the beast across the battlefield. "Fly, stallion!"

Shield Guy

Originally a cook, budget cuts and heavy casualties required him to pull double duty as a knight. He's terrified, but he's got a big, tough ol' shield to quiver behind. If the scary monsters get too big and bad, he can swat them away, courtesy of his well-developed ladle arm. "YOU... Might Be... able to pass..."

The Bad Guys

Burrow Ghoul

He's been part of the underground scene for a long time. The Burrow Ghoul will do a little dance, dig a little hole, lie in wait for your unsuspecting soldiers, and chow down tonight. "Can you dig it?"


Born of some fell Wasteland haberdashery, she is the top hat of the mage game. Her bolts make heads roll, and she can even summon a squad of Hat-Monculi to tear down her foes. "Grave tidings!"

Disco Skull

She may not have a body, but her love for funk keeps this reanimated head afloat. There is nothing more terrifying than watching this soulful lady faze through all opposing soldiers' valiant efforts, hovering ever closer to the gates. Prepare the ranged attacks, or join this Skull in the afterlife. "Word to the hover."


Team Lead

Trevor Taylor (Game Director)


Bartow Weiss (Producer)

Larissa Schiavo (Producer)

Aaron Izek (Consultant/Director)

Jason Smith (Consultant/Director)

Arturo Thurdekoos (Voice Director)


Matthew Wong (Technical Director)

Gianni Chen (Programmer)

Yoshi Lo (Programmer)


Calvin Drake (Design Lead)

Jean Canellas (Design/Programmer)

Adam Kauper (Design)

Pat Bayles (Design/Programmer)

Eric Liu (Web Design)


Cameron Koller (Art Director)

Guayo Llach (Art Director/Producer)

Jordyn Holland (Artist)

Riley Koller (Artist)

Andrea Cao (Artist)

Lucas Kouyoumdjian (Artist)

Gracie May (Artist)

Sebastian Kings (Artist)

Jonathan Eden (Animator)

Deena Baum (Artist)

Stephen Hutchin (Animator)


Larissa Schiavo (Audio Lead)

Brent Hengeveld (Composer)

Neil Quillen (Composer)


Eric Pratt (Lead Writer)

Jack Bentele (Lead Writer)

Josh Rappaport (Writer)

Zach Dunn (Writer)

Adam Sutton (Writer)

Roger Carnow (Writer)



Trevor Taylor (
Cavlin Drake (